Selling Art On Amazon

Marketing art on Amazon

I explored this briefly when Amazon announced its plans to have artists offer their handcrafted items on their system. That rate of interest died EXTREMELY promptly after finding out a couple of huge downsides concerning that system.

First, preferably, you want clients to buy from you straight. Through your very own website, a system that YOU manage. Currently I understand very first hand that is less complicated claimed than done. Even if you can construct a fantastic shop on your site for your paintings or illustrations, getting individuals to the site can be challenging, to say the least. This is where Ebay and Etsy are far much better choices. You can brand your listings on those systems. You can have your logo design on the picture. Even if you can not connect directly to your internet site (I think you can currently on Etsy yet still not on Ebay, a person remedy me if I’m wrong), you’re still getting your name available. I have actually had people purchase from me on Ebay then come purchase directly from me or call me regarding making various other unique listings just for them on Ebay for paints they wanted. While this might not be as terrific as them purchasing from your site directly, it’s an action in structure that customer base who understands you, knows your name and your brand name.

With Amazon , you can’t do Any One Of that. You can’t communicate with your customers beyond the Amazon system. If you get captured requesting their e-mail address … your amazon sellers account can be ended. If you include a business card in package … ended again. You are not going to construct a consumer base off of Amazon’s platform. Amazon is extremely clear that they are THEIR clients and they are not sharing. With amazon, you are no more than a decrease shipment vendor.

Amazon costs A LOT MORE in costs to sell on than Ebay or Etsy. While I have no problem with paying charges for help in marketing a paint I could not market myself, Amazon’s are a LOT higher.

Amazon wants to manage the costs you set. I have actually checked out numerous articles where Amazon decided that a seller’s price of their OWN unique product was expensive and also firmly insisted that they either reduced it to the quantity amazon desired … or be eliminated. Currently you might be thinking “well that makes sense, I’ve seen people try to market a $10 product on Ebay for $2000”. That isn’t what is occurring here. They are requiring people that have been doing great on their sales to reduced costs. So you may desire $500 for a painting yet Amazon can decide that it is too high as well as you need to reduce it to their quantity. Exactly how does that make sense if that seller had an excellent history of marketing them via amazon at the $500 cost?!

You need to bear in mind amazon has a track record for having products at low prices and the fastest distribution … and cost-free shipping naturally. Rapid and also low-cost is not truly the online reputation we desire as artist. Art is a deluxe item so it does not truly fit in on that platform anyhow unless it’s the mass-produced work coming out of China. I love Amazon however even I anticipate anything I buy there to be the lowest price possible and to get to me in 1-2 days max. This is just not functional for art.

Given these significant negatives I believe it makes a lot more sense to focus selling on platforms like Ebay and Etsy. Amazon handmade simply has a lot of downsides.

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