Selling Digital Photography At Flea Market And Art Festivals

Selling Digital Photography At Flea Markets And Art Festivals

Tons of people that love to shop and buy unique items! Especially here in New England!

So…You’ve been taking pictures for many years. You reveal your prints to friends and family participants and they frequently offer you favorable responses and tell you how much they love your digital photography. Possibly you’ve thought about offering your photos skillfully, yet where do you begin? We will certainly assist you with the process of marketing your photos at the hundreds of flea market festivals, art shows, craft shows and  that occur around the country.

Flea Market And Art Festivals
Flea Market Festivals are outdoor events that can be found found in every state. They are usually at their height when the weather is best and down South in the winter, up North in the summer. They range from small local affairs, with low-end crafts and imported products set out on card tables to substantial well went to events with outstanding artwork on display. All type of arts as well as crafts may be shown, painting, pottery, sculpture, glass,antiques,foods as well as of course, digital photography.

Currently envision your pictures matted and also mounted on display while loads of people crowd right into your booth eager to see  what you have to sell!  Each weekend countless professional photographers market their prints at art reveals all over the nation and you can also!

When we first started showing at  Flea Market And Art Festivals many years ago, the majority of the programs we did were rather local, in some cases in a shopping center or in a small park. Between both people we have sold tens of hundreds of initial prints over the years. We will share the “secrets” of our success and help you stay clear of the many blunders we made over the years.

Starting your Venture!
There are 3 challenges encountering a person who wants to sell at Flea Market And Art Festivals. First, choosing your ideal images and preparing them to buy. Second, finding where as well as when the good shows are, and how to apply to them. Third, building or buying screen equipment that will show your job to finest advantage and secure it from the climate.

It’s a great suggestion to begin by checking out local flea market and art festivals.  Also seeing what other photographers are offering and how they deal with showing their work.

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Choose your Best Job.
It’s regular to start with a wide option of topics as well as designs in your digital photographs. Besides, that’s just how you’ve been skyrocketing to this point. When first starting think about letting the public make a decision which your more powerful pictures are. It will certainly be tough to think which photos will certainly sell best, very usually they will choose photos that will surprise you. It’s easy. Look at sales.

Yes, revenue is the ultimate performance indicator. But revenue is a “what.” You want to know “why.”

To understand why revenue is where it is, look at input of your activities.

You can’t control output, specifically revenue. That depends on a variety of factors, including competition and the overall economic environment.

But you can control input — sales activities. If you don’t like the sales results, change the sales activities.

In general, people images are a high-pressure salesmanship, unless individuals are from an exotic society. Still life subjects, European scenes, landscapes, wildlife, as well as images that record a magic concerning the subject frequently do rather well.

To maximize your success you need to focus on producing a merged body of digital photography and art . It’s all also easy to shed sales because your display perplexes a prospective purchaser. When you hang a lot of pictures in a minimal space, they will communicate with each other, and that dynamic will either help or harm your sales. Bear in mind, at a flea market and art festivals you will certainly be competing with numerous hundred other artists that are showing as well as selling their job. What is it that will get hold of individuals strolling by your booth and also cause them to stop as well as be drawn in to surf your images? Your presentation and also your job is  to reach out to them.

Preparing Your Photos For Display.
Although it might seem to be a daunting task to generate adequate digital photographs / art to fill up a whole exhibit, as soon as you have the right devices as well as providers, you’ll find that it is in fact simpler to generate an amount of matted and also mounted job than it is to do simply 1 or 2 pieces.

Printing, placing, matting, and framing all have to be done on a specialist level. The even more of this job you can do yourself, the lower your prices will certainly be, as well as the greater your revenues. Locating suppliers who can sell you frameworks as well as matting supplies at wholesale rates, as well as dealing with image labs that provide considerable quantity print discount rates, will ensure your sales pay.

Equally as products and also labor are a consider your selling price, so is competitors from your peers. While it is apparent that you can not invest $150 to publish, matte, as well as frame a 16×20 if you plan on marketing it for $100, it’s additionally real that it is fairly challenging to sell an item at a substantially greater cost than your competitors provides for that exact same size. The best objective in the art show market is to produce imagery that transcends the cost obstacle. To be effective you will have to produce great images at appropriate costs.

If you are searching for a specialist photo lab that collaborates with digital photographers on the art show circuit, we can suggest two. Fine Print concentrates on generating quantity prints at wholesale costs. Formally a C print laboratory, they have actually currently gone electronic producing amount digital prints at wholesale rates. It is just one of the most extensively made use of labs by photographers costing art programs. Foto 1 also does exceptional job as well as costs their amount LightJet (electronic) prints comparable to amount equipment C prints. We specify amount as multiple prints from the same adverse or electronic file.

Also the rain doesn’t wet the spirits of the art inclined at the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair. The proficient art fair goers carry umbrellas and also are gotten ready for changes in climate. Some actually choose the rain because the much less significant visitors leave, maximizing the usually crowded roads for the serious consumers.
Print Presentation.
There is no person correct way to place as well as matte photo prints. You can dry place, vacuum mount, pivot your prints, or utilize special adhesives. Will your job look best in tinted or white matte board, solitary or double matted? Should you matte using dust cloth (museum) board, normal matte board, or white or black core matte board? What design of frameworks look best on your images? Keep in mind to consider the overall appearance of your screen. A single design framework will certainly look much better than a different frame for every picture. Yet if your body of work is diverse, than you may consider framing on a piece by piece basis.

The two most popular matte board firms are Bainbridge and also Crescent. Both use normal and also acid-free board. If you’re getting under the minimal limitation needed by the suppliers, firms like United Mfrs Materials will market in a lot smaller sized quantities however require you to open up an account initially.

If you select to cut your own mattes, a professional matte cutting tool will save you a good deal of time and also effort. We work with several different top of the line tools, consisting of a Rate Floor covering wall surface placed matte cutter which is made for manufacturing job, and also a C&H cutter which is also valuable for cutting down backing board. You can also utilize a cost-effective portable Dexter matte reducing tool. You can additionally acquire your mattes pre-cut. We farm our matte eliminating to a company called Dixie Matting when we are pressed for time and have some significant programs turning up. They have very reasonable rates for any size mattes you define, either single or dual, with and without support, and also each matte is reduced by hand.

Getting Materials.
You will need a wholesale resource for framing products. We would certainly recommend both M&M Distributors as well as United Mfrs Supplies as excellent resources. They offer all the art materials you require to produce professional framed art work. There are a wide range of companies that market structures. Several exhibitors on the art program circuit make use of a company called Florida Frameworks which offers amounts of top quality wood frames at wholesale prices. High quality light weight aluminum area structures can be bought from vendors like Structure Fit.

Non-glare glass minimizes the reflections on your framed works, but costs a great deal more and also can soften the look of your images. Call regional glass representatives, as well as ask about buying “solitary toughness” glass by the box. (A box is constantly around 50 sq ft of glass so a box of 16×20 glass will certainly have 23 “lites,” or pieces of glass in it, while a box of 11×14 glass will certainly have 47 items in it.) Purchasing glass in this way will certainly be far less costly than buying it at a regional store. If offered the option, we always like paper loaded pre-washed glass to powder loaded glass, as it doesn’t require cleaning.

To Mount Or otherwise To Mount.
Besides hanging mounted photos on your display, you should also offer unframed photographs to buy. This offers four functions. It offers you a more economical thing to prepare as well as market. It allows you present various pictures that may not have the very same theme as the ones holding on the screen. It enables individuals that have different preferences in mounting to buy your work and frame it in a style that will be more appropriate for the area that they plan to hang it. As well as it can produce a capital by providing a cheaper product offer for sale.

Your unframed pictures will certainly require to be matted and also installed as well as displayed in a browse bin, shielded by clear bags or reduce wrap so they can be seen as well as handled without damages. We suggest clear acetate bags from a company called Influence Images. They are a much easier alternative to shrink-wrapping. Though a little a lot more costly, the convenience as well as speed makes it worth the additional expense. Bags are offered in all standard sizes for two-dimensional artwork as well as have a flap with a peel-off adhesive strip to make securing simple.

Choosing Reveals
We suggest that you only apply to juried art fairs, as this target market is more likely to be interested in acquiring initial authorized photos. If you wish to get a bit of experience by doing small neighborhood events to begin with, that is not a negative concept, but don’t be disappointed if your sales are not as high as you would really hope. The huge nationwide and regional programs are where most major art buyers go, and you should, too.

There are numerous ways to learn which programs are most likely to provide a great market for your job. Lots of state arts councils have listings of occasions, yet they are commonly doing not have in details that will certainly help you locate the programs that are right for you.

Sunshine Musician Publication is the closest point there is to a profession magazine of the art movie industry. They include show reviews detailed by state, as well as each regular monthly issue has hundreds of art reveal listings that are arranged by location and date. There are additionally promotions throughout the magazine for business that sell products that are used by art show exhibitors. If you’re simply starting, a registration to this publication will certainly be very useful. (Co-author Chris Maher creates a regular monthly column for “Sunshine Artist.”).

Probably the most effective resource of insightful details above quality art as well as craft fairs in the US is The Art Fair Sourcebook, assembled by the proficient art program professional photographer Greg Lawler. Guide is released annually and also is a necessary resource if you’re thinking about art shows as a career. It lists the leading 300 art shows in the country with a comprehensive look at their demands. This is an incredibly helpful overview, and will provide you a genuine jumpstart picking the right shows to show in. While it is not low-cost, it will certainly conserve you the cost of establishing at programs that you won’t be able to make money at.

With time, you will certainly also find that great deals of actually helpful info will come from your other exhibitors. You will swiftly start to make new pals with other art show veterans, and also learn from their experiences.

Producing Your Court Slides.
Earlier we emphasized the importance of an unified body of images to await your booth. Even more important is a unified body of images to submit as slides for jurying right into the shows. If you don’t get accepted right into the programs, you’ll have no location to market your photography. Digital photographers have two benefits over all various other tools in the prep work of court slides. Initially, they are professional photographers and also, thus, know the very best way to prepare their imagery. The various other is that the photo can be provided complete structure on the slide, devoid of the matte and also framework. For years the photographers that shot 35mm slides had the advantage of conveniently sending dupe slides of their originals. Currently, electronic processes can aid every person optimize their jury slides.

Besides the specific photo slides, you will additionally require a booth slide for a lot of applications. This is called for so the art program gets a feel for exactly how expert your display will look. This is where a combined body of photos can plainly help you.

In total you will require 5 or 6 individual slides plus the cubicle slide. An added benefit of being a professional photographer is that you can fire rolls of in-camera dupes. Each application will need its very own collection of slides so you will need to have numerous sets on hand to relate to greater than one show at once.

The Application Process.
After you have actually decided what shows you would love to show your work at, you will need to send away for the applications. Many art reveals mail their applications 6 to eight months prior to the occasion. The application will list their needs for admission and also for screen. It additionally details the quantity of slides called for, how to identify the slides, the charges to confine (both cubicle and also application costs), the day it needs to be postmarked by, and if a self-addressed stamped envelope is needed for the return of your slides. (Do not miss out on the closing date!) Some applications have area for a summary of your job, either normally or by slide. The program will utilize a group of judges to examine the submitted slides on a preset date. They after that will notify you if you were approved or not. Relying on the quality of the show, and the possibility forever sales, some shows are a lot more difficult to get into than others.

Showing Your Pictures.
Remember our idea that you visit a couple of shows to see what they are everything about? You may have observed that most of the booths had comparable professional-looking covers. Your first impression may have been that they are provided by the show, but that’s not the instance. All the programs offer you with is 100 sq ft of display screen room. Outside booth rooms are normally an uniform 10×10 ft or somewhat larger. It will certainly be up to you to load your area with a professional-looking display screen and canopy.

You might have the ability to rent one from a regional business and also have it currently established for you upon arrival at the website. Check with the program prior to you apply. However it is best to have your own way of shielding your job from the climate. One of the most effective outside canopies made for musicians is called the Craft Hut from Newton’s Mobile Canvas. It seems to be the toughest as well as most versatile cover on the marketplace. It’s reasonably priced at about $750 however will be extra if purchased with great deals of alternatives. At the contrary end of the cover spectrum is the inexpensive, lightweight, 10×10 pop-up kind cover you can purchase at Sam’s Club or Costco for about $200. If you buy among these discount canopies, make certain to get all 4 sides as we have actually seen them marketed as including only 3.

Now that you have a roof over your head, you will need wall surfaces to hang your work on. You can make your own, or purchase readily made “present shelfs.” Armstrong as well as MD Enterprises manufacture professional looking, light-weight display panels. They are 6.5 feet high as well as link together to create a steady display screen within your cubicle. As an option, there are a couple of business that make textile wall surfaces that roll up for storage and hang from the frame within the most popular covers. This concept is a mixed blessing. The convenience of storage and lighter weight is countered by the absence of security on a windy day as well as the absence of adaptability in exactly how you can set up your booth. An additional thing to take into consideration is that they require the cover frame to hang, which is a set 10×20. If you are preparing to build your own display screen panels remember that they must be both sturdy as well as lightweight.

Weather condition is a large variable when you are doing outside art fairs. You will certainly be glad you purchased a great cover/tent when the weather turns nasty. You will require to maintain your cubicle from surprising in the wind, so bring some weights and also ropes, in addition to some canine screws. A screw weapon and also drywall screws work well on asphalt streets.

Display containers to reveal your unframed work need to be carefully planned in style as well as size. Since you’re only taking care of a 10×10 foot area, and also hope that hundreds of people will certainly see your job, you require to create the cubicle inside to your best advantage. Once you have visited a few shows, you will have the ability to visualize what kind of display screen bins will certainly work best for you.

Getting It All To The Program.
So now you have a garage filled with boxes of mounted pictures and also a display screen to hang them on. How do you obtain everything to the art program? You need to be careful to avoid the frames from being harmed, so make use of cardboard dividers as well as make boxes to place whatever in.

You can make use of boxes that the matte board can be found in. If you do not have a van or truck to load everything into you will certainly require to rent one. If you’re serious about pursuing the art show market as a career, at some point you’ll end up acquiring a dedicated automobile for your brand-new business.

Speaking To Individuals Fascinated In Your Digital photography– We recommend gathering e-mail addresses of interested individuals in 2 methods. One is an e-mail collection form on your internet site. An additional is an e-mail collection listing you keep in your cubicle. Get in the practice of keeping a data source of customer info so you can send email to them regularly.

Credit Score Cards– Approving credit cards will increase your sales. Yet getting configuration as a seller can be difficult. There are several companies that concentrate on getting musicians established with seller accounts. See our resource checklist for even more information.

Package Customer Purchases– We advise making use of clear plastic bags for your clients’ purchases for a number of factors, like defense from the weather and also self-promotion. Readily available in every size conceivable, we have actually been purchasing ours from the Ever Green Bag Company.

Preparing For Bad Weather Condition-Understanding about putting at risk climate condition that can damage your display screen will certainly provide you the moment you require to protect your  Bring a few large white tarps as well as spring clips to fasten them to your display screen as needed. Rolls of paper towels can likewise help if your work splashes. An exceptional display screen canopy like the Craft Hut with awning and also clear side tarps can protect your job and also permit you to maintain selling also after negative weather condition has forced your rivals to shut.

Lights-– If you have area in your lorry, you can carry small clip-on lights and extension cords simply in case you have access to electricity. You never ever recognize when you’ll be under a tree on an overcast day and the individual alongside you could have a generator. For shows that you know will certainly offer electric power you can bring track lights for a classier looking presentation.

Review Aspects Of Selling On Online forums– We’ve created a forum on Yahoo Groups where digital photographers can discuss all aspects of marketing photography at art shows. Including, however not restricted to, taking pictures that market, publishing processes, preparing them for display screen, display screen tools, prep work of court slides, getting shows, the use of electronic devices in taking as well as preparing the pictures, and also creating jury slides from electronic data. Other art program mediums are also welcome to go over exactly how to finest picture their work for jurying. In addition to the forum, there is a friend resource web site with many posts concerning the art show market as well as a comprehensive source as well as web links page.